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One year anniversary update

31st March 2019 marked a year since the inauguration of I Am Queen Mary. And what a year! I Am Queen Mary has received a tremendous amount of attention globally and has proved that there’s a huge need for counter images to the domination of white male statues in public space. I Am Queen Mary has challenged Danish colonial amnesia while recognizing the legacies of resistance of those who survived and fought against it. The project also challenges the notion of whiteness with an alternative representation in an image of an empowered historical, present and futuristic black woman, giving recognition to black and brown peoples. We are proud that I Am Queen Mary has created a critical dialogue about the role of public art both near and far. Although like many impactful works, it has not been without criticism and even vandalism. We however fully expect the project to continue as it is becoming recognized as an important addition to the city of Copenhagen. It receives many visitors everyday, even those who have specifically traveled to Copenhagen to bear witness. We are happy to announce that with great support and wonderful enthusiasm from the private and public sector, both in Copenhagen and in the Virgin Islands, that we are working on making a permanent version in bronze in both locations. We still need to work on the funding of it all but anticipate a great deal of involvement as soon as we have the formalities in place.

For now we have been granted permission to extend the project in front of the Royal Cast Collection for another year.

Please keep checking out our recently added “NEWS” section of our website for the most current information on the project including speaking engagements and exhibitions.

Thank you for your continued interest and engagement with our project.