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I Am Queen Mary is currently under repair

Statement: October 25, 2019

It has been just over a year and a half since we inaugurated I Am Queen Mary in front of the Danish West Indian warehouse in Copenhagen on March 31. 2018. As an artist-led project pushing into the public space to transform the narrative around colonial histories we assumed the responsibility of the financing, insurance, maintenance and public outreach of this project, something unusual for a project of this magnitude. The temporary nature of the work is directly a result of these issues as we continue to raise funds to make the figure into a bronze. This process means navigating various government and private agencies for funding and permissions and it is still on-going. Meanwhile, as we continue to maintain the sculpture it has braved the threat of vandalism and the harsh natural elements of the harborside. I Am Queen Mary is currently under repair as part of the chair has been damaged as well as other maintenance of the coral base will be attended to. We are encouraged by the support of the Danish government and their pledge to facilitate the making of a permanent work into a bronze and we continue to look for other financial supporters. Thanking all who have engaged with our project. For continued updates please see to our project website: